Unit H/617/1157 Entrepreneurship.

Task 1

Paul, the Enterprise Support Group leader, contacted you and has asked you to undertake some preparation before joining the group. He wants you to find out about enterprise in business and write a paper which you will discuss with Paul before the first meeting. Your paper about enterprise in business which must include:

• An analysis of the entrepreneurial lifecycle (AC1.1)
• An evaluation of how entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported in different countries (AC1.2).

Merit task
To achieve a Merit, you must additionally include in the paper:
• An analysis of the impact of entrepreneurship on the economy (AC1M1).

Task 2

You have discussed your paper with Paul and are ready to attend your first group meeting. The agenda for the meeting includes ‘Entrepreneurs and their skills and qualities’ and each member of the group will give a presentation on this topic. Prepare a presentation with a handout containing supporting notes for the group on the skills and qualities of an entrepreneur. You must include:

• An analysis of different types of entrepreneur (AC2.1)
• An analysis of the combination of personal skills and qualities in entrepreneurs which distinguish them from managers in other organisations (AC2.2).

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