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May 30, 2023
  1. Utilization of Pharmacological Interventions for Health Care Challenges

    • Employ any five medications from the following list:

      • Clozapine
      • Risperidone
      • Amitriptyline
      • Citalopram
      • Amoxicillin
      • Morphine
      • Gabapentin
      • Simvastatin
      • Furosemide
    • Firstly, carefully review the assignment proforma and the provided case studies. Delete any guidance notes highlighted in purple before submission. The guidance provided is comprehensive and crucial for meeting the assignment`s requirements.

    • Additionally, note the guidance questions at the end of each case study, serving as a framework for your essay. With a limited word count of 1500 words, adhere closely to the case study and the guidance questions to ensure alignment with the learning outcomes.

    • It`s imperative to understand that the formulary section is where your comprehension of pharmacology will be assessed. Focus on drug actions, side effects, interactions, and pharmacological principles taught. Select five drugs from the Padlet provided in class, focusing on those relevant to adult, child, and mental health nursing practices.

    • Avoid cross-referencing between Part A (formulary) and Part B (case study). These sections should be treated as separate pieces of work, with Part A evaluating pharmacological knowledge and Part B assessing understanding of medicines management.

    • While the reading list may appear extensive, it serves as a guide and introduction to useful references. Prioritize the suggested readings for assignment referencing, utilizing additional peer-reviewed papers and books to expand your understanding as needed.

    • Ensure to post any questions on the discussion board, with responses provided between Tuesdays and Thursdays. Take advantage of the final live lecture and two drop-in Zoom meetings for further clarification on the assignment.

    • Congratulations on your progress thus far. Maintain your efforts and continue striving towards success.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and discuss the use of pharmacology in the management of individuals experiencing health care problems associated with biological and psycho-social factors.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills related to safe and effective medicines management, monitoring for side effects and/or adverse reactions associated with different routes of administration and to provide person and/or family centred education to support safe and effective self-medication.
  3. Apply and employ knowledge and skills related to the principles of safe administration and drug calculations to the care of individuals from childhood through adulthood.
  4. Discuss, analyze, and evaluate the ethical/legal and professional regulatory frameworks that inform medicines management including for people living with co-morbidity, polypharmacy, drug misuse and life limiting chronic conditions along the life and development continuum.
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