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Jun 03, 2023
Using academic peer-reviewed literature, research how critical thinking is used in a healthcare-related scenario of your choosing involving problem-solving and ethical decision-making.


Select 8 resources, two of which may come from reputable new articles as long as they are relevant and credible….example: JAMA, CDC, NIH… not Wikipedia. The remaining sources must be peer reviewed scholarly journal articles.
Articles should be from 2010 to current
1. Title page (APA format)
2. Introductory paragraph
3. Body: Literature review: one section per article, 8 sections total
• Provide a summary on each article
• Give an overview of the research and outcomes
• Discuss the significance of the findings
• Mention any noticeable weaknesses or strengths
4. Conclusion
• Summarize the key findings and take-away
• Connect closing back to introductory paragraph
5. Reference page (APA format, minimum 8 references)

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