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May 05, 2023
  • The COVID-19 pandemic quickly becomes a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportion, forcing all leaders, organizations, and nations to rethink handling people and doing business. This uncertainty put leaders to the test on what leadership traits and skills could be of the essence to lead through the pandemic.

    Nations, businesses, and communities coped to the best of their ability as they dealt with the lingering fear of the never-ending pandemic soon. Employees looked up to their organization leaders and were dissatisfied with their employers for closures, but the reality was that the governments mandated the businesses’ closures to contain the spread of the virus.

    Nations looked up to their leaders for answers, but in uncertain circumstances where there is no script of effective leadership, do skill sets exist, or do traits become applicable? Leaders were the captain of the ship during the pandemic, and they took on the responsibility and did their best to make timely decisions that, at times, did not go well with everyone.

    Using the key concepts mentioned above and the critical points listed below, What leadership is effective amidst a crisis?

    Explore leadership within organizations, nations, and communities during the pandemic (or similar uncertain scenario) and compare effective to non-effective leadership.

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