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Oct 27, 2023 Question Velong: Rethinking "Made in China" case study What is/are the core competence(ies) of Velong? How can these competencies be leveraged to other explore other businesses (refer to the 2x2 matrix)? What are the challenges to the current business model of Velong? How is this model impacted by the fact that customers are suggesting that Velong`s overseas capacity should be at 30% or more? What are some of the opportunities and threats in the current business environment? Critically evaluate the product accelerator program of Velong. How does this add value to Velong? Should every company have an accelerator program? If so, why and if not, why? If you were the CEO of Velong, then which countries would you recommend (refer to exhibit 1) for expansion and why? How are their current joint ventures performing? Which product categories should be appropriate for production in other countries? What are the challenges of operating in a new country? Should Velong look at other countries for expansion beyond India, Vietnam, and Cambodia? Please explain your position.
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