Vulgar Stereotypes of a Girl in Woman Hollering Creek

Often time women aren’t valued the way they really should be. They are portrayed as being stay at home moms who cook and clean. Sandra Cisneros wrote “I am a woman, and I am a Latina, those are the things that make my writing distinctive. Those are the things that give my writing power.” I agree with her quote because as a woman we are strong warriors and go through hell and back, let alone being a woman of color. Once we stand up for what we believe in, it gives us more power to stand for what we believe in. Sandra Cisneros is a poet, novelist and a storywriter. She focuses her work on lives of the working class. She wrote a book called “Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories.” Many stories in Woman Hollering Creek examine romantic love and lust, and also studies the nature of familial love. In this piece, Cisneros frames parental love in terms of loyalty, suggesting that it never “sours” and that it’s undying. In her quote above, she says “I am woman I am Latina,” she starts with who she is and how it influences the woman she is and what her writing is about. She also states that it makes her different and makes her writing powerful. When I read this quote I instantly related to it and so many thoughts came to mind. Being a woman, let alone a Latina, is not easy. People have their certain views on women and don’t expect much from us. Sandra took her writing and made it powerful, her journey and her experiences made her who she is and stands tall with her neck high about her persona. I’m learning how to embrace my cultural side. Just like I am learning how to speak up when it needs Jacqueline Gamboa Stereotypes of women and how do Latino women overcome these stereotypes and barriers?

Gamboato be. Sandra’s quote caught my attention the most because I’m growing into a woman and the goals I have set for myself relate to embracing my Latina side. Us women, we are warriors. We give and give and we don’t expect anything in return. Were nurturers by nature its in our soul. This quote relates to our ethnics class because we Sandra Cisneros is a Chicana woman, who helps other Latino families. She takes advantage of her platform to help the Chicano community. She embraces her Latino side and makes gold out of it. In the poem “ Prieto. Moreno. Indio” by Yosimar Reyes, he talks about being brown aka a Latino growing up poor but also using his platform to help others out. His poem is speaks volume just like Sandra’s quote does. Yosimar talks about growing up Latino and how he couldn’t do certain things do his color. Yosimar put his struggles into how art just like these other Chicano Artist. This is the person that makes them who they are helps them define their work, and their artwork. Sandra’s quote plays out even more in today’s world because there is so much more support in women succeeding and getting their voices known. Not only being a women but also being a Latina. Opportunities aren’t given to women just like that, we have to work for them. For example, Michelle Obama. Michelle took her platform to help others out and gave them confidence to speak and be goal getters. Sandra is doing the same. Sandra had a variety of professional postions, working as a teacher, counselor, and has maintained a strong recruiter to her community and literary causes. Sandra was often influenced by her personal experiences and by observations of her community. Just like her quotes says that she is distinctive and her writing is powerful. All the work she has done, helps her become the strong person she is, which reflects on her writing and her projects. She writing speaks volume.

Gamboapowerful meaning. She puts her experiences in words and in some way once you read them, you know what she is talking about. In the book ‘Drink Cultura’ by Jose Antonio Burciaga, he talks about “pendejismo.” Just the word alone catches a lot of Chicanos attention. He uses stories and word phrases that relate to the Latino community. Burciaga knew that every Chicano family was aware of that word and wrote about it because he knows that most families would relate to that. Just like Sandra and Yosimar. Growing up as a Latina woman is hard. It starts with your family, school and work. My dad was so strict on me because I was a girl. I thank him for being strict and not giving me as much freedom. I understood later in life as to why. Once I reached high school I embraced more of y cultural side to clubs we had in school. I was vice president for Latino club as well as my senior year of high school it was hard because I was a girl and a lot of boys didn’t give me their support. I had to talk about things that were relatable and situations where everyone would come together. The high school I went to was divided a lot by color. Most students hung out with their ethnicity. Being the VP of my senior year I made everyone come together to help out and support our activities. It was important for me to have everyone comfortable around each other to come all as one and make our year memorable. Sandra’s quote has so much power and meaning with just a few words.

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