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May 30, 2023

Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit by Vandana Shiva
The paper will consist of three parts: If you do not understand or know how to write an analysis or to synthesis, refer to the handout “Writing a College Book Analysis”. Papers that do not follow this format will be penalized.
1st Part: Analysis 15 points
The first part of the paper pertains to an analysis. An analysis is not a book report or summary! However, you should be thorough in your responses. No quotes!!! I repeat, now quotes!!! I know what the book has to say. You may paraphrase, but you must give reference to the author (this also applies to the synthesis section). I should be able to read your analysis and get a complete understanding of the issues taking place. You must explain the purpose/main issue(s) being expressed by Shiva. Furthermore, you must identify and describe three main issues that Shiva addresses. In addition, what is the main problem that is being expressed by Shiva? Remember this part should only be an examination of the book, you should hold back your own perspectives and ideologies in this section.
2nd Part: Synthetization 30 points
Pick two water policy theories you find to be relevant and describe the impacts these theories have on three central themes/ideas pertaining to water scarcity. Furthermore, discuss the sociological impacts (racism, inequality, stratification, etc.) that these injustices have within Water Wars. Throughout the course of the semester we have learned that water scarcity is a huge dilemma, and the effects that is has on society are compelling as described by Shiva. Water is the world’s most precious resource and the ability to have access to it, makes it even more valuable. Therefore, discuss how water being treated as an open access resource has led to water wars and water scarcity defined by Shiva? And what affects do these issues have not only here in Texas (the United States), but the world? Remember you must synthesize.
3rd Part: 5 points (Formatting, make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct,)
Cover Page (title, name, date, class, etc.)
Reference Page (Remember you must include 2 academic sources to support your paper)
Times New Roman, 12 Font, Disregard the word count listed within the syllabus of 2000-2500 words, as your paper should be at least a page and half (single space).
ASA Guidelines
No quotes!!! I repeat no quotes!!! You may paraphrase, but you must give reference to the author. If you have questions about paraphrasing, please email

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