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Jun 01, 2023
The 4 Topics that need to be answered are listed Below instructions
I have also attatched the reading file that is required to answer the topic questions as well as provididng quotations and examples
There must be a minimum of 5-6 sentences per each of the 4 topics answered.
Must contain thought and analysis/opinions related to ideas in the literary readings.
Must provide specific examples — whether paraphrases or quotations — from the readings that support or illustrate your ideas.
At least 3 different literary readings are referenced across the posts
Can be separated in numbered or bulleted form
No AI or Plagiarism!
Write in your own words


What all is involved in the creation of the world? What does it show us about the Gods & Godesses? About the culture and their beliefs?
Locate passages that focus on fertility, whether related to harvest or children. What do these passages indicate about the Egyptian view of fertility?
How are women portrayed in the myths? Are there certain characteristics that are emphasized?
What do the myths show us about ideas of resurrection and afterlife?


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