What Are Baffles? What Is A Sparge Pipe? In A Continuously Stirred Reactor, The Contents Are Stirred By The Agitation System: Bioprocess Engineering Homework, DCU, Ireland

  1. What are Baffles?
  2. What is a sparge pipe?
  3. In a continuously stirred Reactor, the contents are stirred by the agitation system. How is this achieved in other types of reactors.?
  4. What is the purpose of a summing unit in a closed loop?
  5. What is a jacket for in a bioreactor?
  6. What is the difference between a temperature switch and a temperature transmitter?
  7. When would an antifoam control loop be initiated in a bioreactor?
  8. What does PID stand for?
  9. What is a PID?
  10. What is a set point in a control loop?
  11. What properties are desirable in reactors sensors?
  12. List 4 control loops in a reactor (physical properties being controlled).
  13. What makes for good design in reactor housing and piping?

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