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May 22, 2023

As a teacher, you will encounter students with reading challenges daily. Sometimes students have a diagnosed disability, and other times it is up to the classroom teacher to do additional screening to determine whether a referral for additional evaluation and testing should be considered. Working knowledge of screening assessments and the ability to select tools that are appropriate for each grade band can assist the teacher in gathering data that could be used to make additional recommendations related to assisting students who are experiencing challenges with reading. Additionally, understanding the role of data collection, response to intervention (RTI), supports for students with exceptionalities, and teacher training needed to implement screening tools effectively is necessary to best meet the diverse needs of students in the classroom.
You have been tasked to create a FAQ document for your teacher peers on appropriate learning disability screening assessments.
FAQ Document
Using the topic Resources and your own research, create a 500-750 word FAQ document. The document should clarify what teachers should do if screening assessment results indicate there is a potential learning disability by addressing the following:
What are two disabilities that may affect a child’s reading ability?
What are five warning signs that a student may have a reading disability?
Identify at least one screening assessment that could be used in each grade band (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8). In a brief summary, cite research supporting the use of the tool and present the pros and cons of implementing it.
What data is collected to determine a reading disability or risk of reading disability and how the data is analyzed?
When should a more detailed, comprehensive assessment be considered?
What is the role of RTI strategies in assisting students and determining the need for additional testing and intervention?
What are five programs and/or resources to support students with indications of a reading disability?
What teacher training is necessary to ensure student reading needs are being met in the classroom?
Support the assignment with 2-3 resources.

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