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May 08, 2023


Read the selections, James Aggrey, “Parable of the Eagle,” and Patrice Lumumba, “Independence Day Speech,” available on the course Blackboard page and then answer the following questions. Be sure to cite specific passages from the readings to support your answers.
Please answer the questions using complete sentences and paragraphs with proofreading for proper spelling and grammar. You will probably need a paragraph or two to answer each question. When quoting from the sources, please include the page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence, after the period. (pg. XX)
Very briefly introduce the primary sources. What are the primary sources, who produced them and when? Who were James Aggrey and Patrice Lumumba?
Explain James Aggrey’s “Parable of the Eagle.” How does the parable challenge the idea of imperialism as a “civilizing mission?”
How does Patrice Lumumba characterize Belgian rule? (Note consider the introduction’s description of the Belgian King’s speech). According to Lumumba, how did Congo achieve its independence? How does Lumumba describe the new relationship between Belgium and Congo?
What are Lumumba’s goals for the new country of Congo? Does Lumumba’s speech suggest any potential challenges facing the newly independent country of Congo?
Use the assigned readings and class materials to answer the questions. You should not need to use any sources from outside the course, but if you do, they must be properly cited. Please give a full citation, including a full url for online sources

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