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May 22, 2023
please read through power point – and Edit
1. Need it to speak about psychedlics in general n types but later the focus should on my psychedlics _ mushrooms (psilocybin) – and mental health — focus should bon mushrroms
what are “magic Mushrooms” “mushrooms” etc
2. need up to date informatiom
3. look through uploaded two documents and add information or slides if needed to give more detail.
4. Microdosing
5. side effects
6. add the site in jamica where it been a treatment place and pictures ) last page
7. how mushrroms help depression, anxiety ptsd etc


Please add any information that wouldbe helpful and up to date. To make it interesting and focusin on Mushrooms please

another source’s,traditional%20antidepressants%2C%20like%20SSRIs).


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