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Oct 21, 2023

Assignment: Personality Response Paper

Read the article "The Effects of a Personality Intervention on Satisfaction in 10 Domains of Life: Evidence for Increases and Correlated Change with Personality Traits" by Gabriel Olaru, Manon A. van Scheppingen, Mirjam Stieger, Tobias Kowatsch, Christoph Flückiger, and Mathias Allemand then complete a paper (approximately 3 pages) that addresses the 4 parts below:

Part I:

Summarize the article in 1 to 2 pages:

A. Discuss the overall purpose of the article. Why was the article completed? What was the goal.

B. Discuss what was learned

1. If research was completed by the authors, please summarize the research- what was the hypothesis/what did the researchers expect to find? What did the results state overall?

2. If the authors were summarizing other research, but not completing their own, what did they find/learn in their summary?

C. What did you take from the article, more personally?

Part II:

Relate to this class in 1 - 2 paragraphs:

A. How did the work you read relate to what you learned in the class so far?

B. Bring in some other works we read about or discussed in class.

C. Explain how they connect/add to/relate to what we read.

Part III:

Ask questions, discuss what was unclear.

A. Select 1-2 sentences that were unclear in the research paper. Make sure to cite accurately with page number(s) so I can find them easily. Explain what specifically you were unsure of in what the authors are saying.

B. Ask any other questions you have about the article- that you maybe didn`t understand or thought you may have misunderstood. This is meant to be more general than the specific unclear sentences you explained in the previous paragraph. Mainly is there an idea or concept discussed in the article that is still confusing to you.

Part IV:

Limitations/Future Directions

A. What are some limitations of the research or work you read?

B. What are some future directions the research could go in? If you were to conduct a related study or a study based on the article you read, what might you do`?

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