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May 10, 2023

EDUC 671
When writing your thread, consider and address each of the following questions after watching the presentation video “Immersion”. Be sure to include course Learn materials:
What are some ways that educators can become more culturally responsive?
Should educators focus on culturally responsive teaching? Why?
What are your initial thoughts on the presentation video “Immersion”?
As an educator, how would you approach what happened in the presentation video “Immersion” differently than depicted? Have you had similar experiences in your classroom?
What are some practical ways that you can implement culturally responsive teaching in your classroom based on the learning material from this week?
What advice would you give other educators regarding culturally responsive teaching?
How should Christian educators approach culturally responsive teaching?


Read: Wiggins & McTighe: pp. 104 – 116Read: Wiggins & McTighe: pp. 104 – 116
Read: Preparing Culturally Responsive Teachers – Rethinking the CurriculumRead: Preparing Culturally Responsive Teachers – Rethinking the Curriculum(upload files)

Read: Cultural Connections – Six Strategies to Make Your Classroom More Inclusive and Culturally Responsive (upload files)

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