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READINGS to use-

• Miller, D. (2001). Chapter 1. In Principles of social justice. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
• Dean – What is Social Policy?
• Howlett, M.P., & Geist, S. (2013). Chapter 2. The policy-making process. In E. Araral Jr., S. Fritzen, M. Howlett, M. Ramesh, & X. Wu (Eds.), Routledge handbook of public policy (pp.17-28). Routledge.
• Evans, B., & Wellstead, A. (2014). Tales of policy estrangement: Non-governmental policy work and capacity in three Canadian provinces. Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research, 5(2), 7-28.
• Clark, D. (2002). Neoliberalism and public service reform: Canada in a comparative perspective. Canadian Journal of Political Science, 35(4), 771-793.
• Hay, C. (2006). Chapter 29: Globalization and Public Policy. In Goodin, R.E., Moran, M. & Rein, M. (Eds.) The Oxford handbook of public policy (pp 587-604). Oxford University Press. *Ebook Central
• Hankivsky, O., & Cormier, R. (2011). Intersectionality and Public Policy: Some Lessons from Existing Models. Political Research Quarterly, 64(1), 217-229.
• Newman, J., & Head, B.W. (2017). Wicked tendencies in policy problems: rethinking the distinction between social and technical problems. Policy and Society, 36(3), 414-429. doi: 10.1080/14494035.2017.1361635
• Siu – Chapters 1-9
• Hudson, B., Hunter, D. & Peckham, S. (2019). Policy failure and the policy-implementation gap: can policy support programs help?. Policy Design and Practice, 1, 2574-1292. doi:10.1080/25741292.2018.1540378
• Winter, S. C. (2006). Implementation. In B. G. Peters, & J. Pierre (Eds.), Handbook of public policy (pp. 151-166). SAGE Publications Inc.
Answer the following question by ONLY using the readings provided. Support every answer ONLY from the readings and use references.

Answer the following question-(400 words each question)
1. What are the five steps of the public policy process? give a brief description of each.
2. What is intersectionality and how does it impact public policy?
3. When would you engage the public in the public policy development cycle, and why?

Answer the following question- (200 words each question)
1. Does globalization undermine national public policy? Please explain.
2. Describe the principles of good public policy, and argue which ones are most challenging yet
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different research methods?
4. Please discuss the shortcomings of the evidence-based policy ‘movement.’
5. What is a problem?

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