What are the impact of environmental change on management practices.


This assignment seeks to examine the impact of environmental change on management practices. This project is created to encourage good research and writing skills that are needed for assignments, and to identify and evaluate theories and theorists that influence our management building skills.

Your manager overheard you telling a colleague that you are taking a graduate-level organizational theory class at UMGC. He remembers his college course on organizational behavior and realizes that he found the knowledge he learned extremely useful over the years. Lately, he has felt that he has been overwhelmed with changes that require him and his employees to quickly respond to situations that he cannot always solve effectively. Experience has taught him that professional development is a lifelong endeavor. To that end he would like you to select some articles for him to read on the following topics: management theory, management skills and practices, external/economic impacts to organizations, internal/structure impacts to organizations, and/or responding to change.

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