What Are The Main Non-Financial Factors.

Non-Financial Considerations

Corporate governance refers to an operational framework in that companies are governed for a specific purpose. It provides transparency in terms of power structure and accountability. In the UK, a series of reviews on corporate governance has been conducted by the public sector; recommendations of which have been incorporated into several regulatory codes.

Compliance with these codes can be considered to indicate the implementation of best corporate practices. However, it is believed that not all construction companies are committing to these additional measures. The question is how UK construction companies perform in corporate governance.

Therefore, for this assignment, you are required to discuss the importance of non- financial factors (and corporate social responsibility in particular) in the context of the UK construction industry.

The following topics should be included in your report:

• How financial and non-financial factors are linked?

• What are the main non-financial factors and why they are as (or more) important in the context of the construction industry? Explore the role of ethics and Triple Bottom Line, in particular.

• How do construction companies report on non-financial factors?

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