What are the main points?

Module 2>Week 4
We continue to work on our next paper – the Annotated Bibliography. This week is all about our critical reading to critical writing process. I know that many of you believe you don’t read often, but actually, we are reading constantly: quick social media posts, signs on the highway, advertisements during our shows, etc.

The problem is we don’t have to critically read this type of information (even though most of the time we should).

You will have to critically read the articles you choose for your annotated bibliography. What is the author’s purpose in writing the article?

What are the main points? What research is used to support those main points?

What bias is present in the article?

What connections can be made between this article and the overall conversation that surrounds your issue?

Keep these questions in mind as you read through this week’s information and start reading your articles.

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