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May 16, 2023

I am interested in your ability to fully explain the topics AND your ability to think through the implication of a topic for modern urban planning. Be sure to cite your sources as you have done all term following standard APA format. I expect essays to be written in good English form.


You have been hired by a small town to help with a plan for the future. You are going to have a meeting with the town manager. What will you tell her how you will proceed? What methodology will you use?
Which current concepts in planning will you suggest?

What are the merits of neo-traditional town planning” according to Dr. Orman’s lectures and the video and literature of Andres Duany? How does neo-traditional planning contrast with the suburban model that has been developed since WW II? Duany thinks suburbia can be transformed by traditionalism. What are the problems with implementing such ideas in suburbia today?

Describe the steps in the strategic planning process. What is the difference between the environmental scan and a SWAT analysis? How is a vision different from the strategic plan itself?

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