What are the potential benefits of aspirin to patients?

Cto you. Broad narratives in memos is not necessary. Cut to the proverbial chase and answer the questions directly. Support points for your answers are appreciated, help you think things through, and provide good context. Also, listing the questions out and answering them will be easier to write, easier to grade, and frankly is consistent with the way clients want information provided to them (consider the professor a client). IE – cut to the chase

You now live in a world where no over the counter, common pain relievers are on the market (No aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, you name it exist). A company in pharma has discovered a product that they are calling aspirin and believe that it could be a major wonder drug. Due to your expertise, you have been asked by the FDA to provide a summary of your belief on whether they should approve the product. Please read the articles that are listed below and any other resources that you would like to draw from and provide a 1-2 page memo that addresses the items below.


Memo topics:
What are the potential benefits of aspirin to patients?
In totality, how would you describe the potential side effects of aspirin to patients?
Do you believe that the potential benefits of aspirin outweigh the potential side effects? Why or why not?
What would you recommend to the FDA regarding the approval of aspirin? Support your recommendation.
If you were asked by the FDA to support your recommendation to the company seeking aspirins approval, what would you say?

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