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May 25, 2023

Based on your exploration, engage with the following discussions:

  1. DNA sequencing has emerged as a pivotal tool across various scientific domains, such as forensic medicine and biological research. In light of this, respond to the subsequent inquiries:

    • Elucidate the sequential steps involved in DNA sequencing.
    • Offer at least one instance of how DNA sequencing has proven instrumental in forensic medicine and/or biological research.
  2. What are the stages implicated and the enzymes utilized in DNA replication? Do you believe that a disorder can arise from the malfunction of any enzyme employed during DNA replication? If affirmative, pinpoint a disorder and expound on its etiology. If not, elucidate why not.

  3. Given that a single transcription factor can regulate multiple genes, mutations in transcription factors can exert widespread effects.

    • Can a disease stem from a mutation in a transcription factor? If so, furnish at least one example, specifying the transcription factor, the mutation, and the resultant congenital anomaly.
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