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Apr 02, 2024

Assessment Method: Solving Current Issues

What are the types of employability skills that I will acquire upon completion of this assessment?

Assessment Overview:
Concept maps are used to tease out the relationships between big cross-functional ideas by visualising the connections between them. They are pictures that show how ideas relate to each other, and help you improve your understanding of a topic you are studying. In a concept map, ideas are represented as nodes and the relationships between them as links with descriptive labels. Using boxes and connecting lines, concept maps connect ideas and show their relationships through arrows and linking words using a hierarchical structure.
Student samples of the assignment are given below, and the following assessment activities will help you develop your mapping skills:

For your Assessment 2 concept map, you should place the sustainable food service at the centre of the diagram. In the connected boxes, you can place all the laws and economic concepts you have addressed in your assessment. You can also refer to the material from Weeks 1 to 4 for more ideas.
You are required to imagine that you are developing a new business in the form of a sustainable food service. At different times in your working life, you may decide to set up your own business, and the skills and knowledge developed in this assessment will help you understand concept maps and their usefulness in making sense of complex environments. The purpose of this assessment is:

to identify the relationships between key external economic and regulatory forces on your business (map and approximately 200 words)
to discuss relevant regulations and their importance to your business (approximately 500 words)
to discuss relevant economic concepts and their importance to your business (approximately 500 words).

You should consider any economic theories or models presented in the lectures, readings and other resources provided as relevant. You should also present any of the legislative requirements discussed in the lectures and readings. It is also expected that you include at least five referenced sources in your assessment.

Follow these steps to complete your assessment:

Draw your concept map and, underneath, include a brief description of the relationships contained within. Please note: Any words contained within your concept map are not included in the overall word count. Only those words contained in your 200-word description will be counted.

Choose one relevant piece of legislation from the three tiers of government (local, state and federal, i.e. three pieces of legislation in total). Discuss the three relevant regulations and their importance to your proposed business (approximately 500 words). In this section, you should focus on identifying key internal and external factors that impact the practical management of people and organisations. Note: You do not need to quote sections of the law (unless you specifically wish to make a point). For example, you don`t need to say, `Section 18 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 provides a person must not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct.` Instead, you could convey the same meaning in half the word count by paraphrasing: `The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 regulates against misleading or deceptive conduct.`

Choose any three of the following economic concepts to analyse this topic.
interest rates
market structures
supply and demand

Discuss your three economic concepts and their importance to your proposed business (approximately 500 words). You must include recommendations of relevant management functions for your sustainable food service.

Please note: Use of graphs and diagrams in your assessment is highly encouraged, as this will display to the marker your understanding and ability to apply and analyse various theories of economics, as well as communication skills. When incorporating graphs, make sure they are original (not a
screenshot from your text), incorporate labels, are correctly applied, and add to your analysis.

Make sure all your sources are correctly referenced and that you have included at least five high- quality sources.


Section 1

Diagram of your Concept Map (plus 150 to 200- word description underneath)

Section 2

Discussion of relevant regulations and their importance (approximately 550 words)

Section 3

Discussion of economic concepts and their importance (approximately 550 words)


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