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May 20, 2023
Skinner’s behaviorism tested and documented the powerful effects that the consequences of our behavior have. Whether those consequences are good in some way (i.e., reinforcing) or bad in some way (i.e., punishing) has an important influence on what we learn and thus controls our future behavior. For DQ 2, please answer the following questions:
What are two things that work as reinforcers for you (e.g., money) and two things that work as punishers for you (e.g., going to jail)?


When and how did you learn to find these things reinforcing/punishing?

Do you think that everybody finds the same things you identified reinforcing/punishing? Why?

Do you think that you are overall more motivated by punishers or more motivated by reinforcers? Or are you equally motivated by both? What does this say about your personality?

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