What are your sites of analysis.

This assignment asks students to continue thinking across-different contexts, including comparative-relational and cross-border thinking. Where you trace how certain operations, ideologies or structures (e.g., cheapening of third-world women’s labor) are animated across different ‘local sites’ (e.g., Ciudad Juarez and Dhaka) through linked conditions (Global markets, SAPs, free trade, middle-class consumers/consumption, etc.).

Thinking, for instance, about the analytical work of Kempadoo, Oparah, Gross and Grewal, you will focus your analysis to specific ‘local’ sites, such as two cities, events, factories, hospitals or communities.

You will need to do some research on your sites of analysis, but this is not a research paper as much as it is an analytical paper. The key here is to move from the general or broad (and by extension unspecific) to the local and its particularities.

In your paper you will answer/explain the following three questions:

• What are your sites of analysis (e.g., sex working raids and deportations in NYC and Rome).

• What are the connections and linkages between your sites of analysis? Including structural, historical, intersectional (racial, gendered, sexual, (dis)abled, etc.), legal and/or national logics/relations.

• What does a transnational framework make visible? What does thinking across borders/boundaries help to illuminate? What might we fail to see if we confined our analysis to the boundaries of a single nation-state?

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