What can the “Parable of the Prodigal Son” teach readers about morality?

This week is a paper week, so you have no additional reading due; you will have to review readings from past weeks, depending on what topic you choose for your paper. The choice of topics are listed with the Paper description – make sure to pick one and contact me with any questions about the criteria for the paper. Each topic will explore a different aspect of the work and reading from Weeks 1 through 3. As you work, try to plan early, so you can reach out for tutoring support if you have concerns about your paper: you might share a draft if you are looking for feedback on organization and content (remember to include the Paper description for reference). General questions about the paper and what you need to do should be emailed to me, but if you are looking for someone to check the paper before it’s graded then you are looking for a tutor.

Work due this week: Paper 1


Paper 1 – Tales to Teach

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For Paper 1, please select one of the following questions as your prompt (your answer and why will be the thesis statement for your Paper):

Does Where are you going, where have you been? echo themes or elements of the versions of Little Red Riding Hood/Red Cap? (what valuable lessons are shared in the stories?)

What can the “Parable of the Prodigal Son” teach readers about morality? (what can the reader learn about morality from each of the main characters?)

Analyze three (3) new fables (not ones I assigned – use the link to find three more to use for this) and find three distinct (different from one another) lessons from/between the three fables: how can these lessons be used to educate children?


This essay must use specific evidence from the story/stories in the prompt to provide the examples that will support your body paragraphs points. Please see the tips sheet in the Paper 1 attached for help if you quote. It would make sense to quote from the story/stories about two times per body paragraph (there should be no more than four quotes in the paper), with the quotes not exceeding more than two typed lines at a time.

Resources: Week 4 Video

Minimum Requirements and Checklist (C and above quality is determined by how well these things are done, after they are, at base minimum, done competently):

Meets 750 – 1,000 words (over is okay), submitted on time, formatted appropriately
Includes direct ideas and quotes from the chosen story/stories to support the argument
Narrows the question from the prompt to a clear answer, with that answer having specific evidence from the chosen story for proof
Builds on the thesis statement with original, relevant, and interesting content
Uses specific examples to illustrate points as true in the body of the essay
Contains an introduction, conclusion, and at least two and no more than four body paragraphs
Provides two (minimum) – four (maximum) quotations in the body of the paper taken from the chosen reading, which means that the reading used support points from the paper (but doesn’t do all the work – remember quotes are there to support points, not be your points, as that is not original content)
Avoids citations within the introduction and conclusion
Employs transitions between shifts in points within each paragraph
Uses topic sentences and concluding sentences for each body paragraph
Creates an argumentative thesis (three pillars: is confident, is demonstrable, is reasonable)
States the name and author of the piece/pieces you are using in the intro, for the sake of context
Formats according to MLA guidelines (refer to the Citations for Paper 1 attachment) and has a Works Cited page – if using APA that is fine, but the tips sheet are in MLA: only use APA if you are comfortable with that format; otherwise, use the MLA examples)
Proofreads to ensure entirely clear sentences. Please add the advance writter as it was offer to me for my new order.

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