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Jun 07, 2023
  • Take a moment to review the possible critical thinking/reflection questions, attached here. Choose 4
    questions to reply to. Please write each response to each question in 1-2 paragraphs.
    You must reference the book (provided below) in your responses in addition to 1 scholarly source.
    Make sure to include which question you chose in your paper and make sure your work is well-written, proofread, and in APA style.


    What do you do to dissipate
    the negative effects of chronic stress? Explain why this works to
    reduce the
    negative effects of stress.

    Think about the last time you
    face a high stress situation. Reflect on how your perception of this situation
    affected your reality. Discuss how you could have interpreted this event in a
    more positive manner.

    How do your religious and
    spiritual beliefs and actions play out in your daily life? How does this relate
    to stress in your life?

    Think about how different
    culture view body weight and attractiveness. Discuss the stress that results
    from unrealistic expectations for men and women alike to look like models.

    Do you feel stress in any
    specific environment? Think about place where you might feel more stressed.
    Discuss what about the environment may be contributing to your stress.

    Discuss the predominant
    American values. Do you agree that these are the predominant values? Analyze
    each and discuss how this value might contribute to stress in society. Create
    an alternative value to each of those listed. We sometimes find that our values
    are so deeply ingrained that we have trouble seeing alternatives. Investigate
    and share examples demonstrating cultures that place higher value on some of
    these alternatives.

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