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Oct 21, 2023

Commercial Law

Learning Outcome 1: Discuss the Australian Legal System and how laws are developed and implemented
Learning Outcome 2: Evaluate the main issues relating to business crime and business issues
Learning Outcome 3: Apply legislation and case law to practical and theoretical problems in tort, insurance, contract law, consumer and restrictive trade
Learning Outcome 4: Apply electronic commerce and intellectual property principles to practice and theoretical problems
Learning Outcome 5: Demonstrate an understanding of the main business structures which are permissible within the Australian legal system

Assessment Task Description

You are required to complete the following assessment:

Question 1:

What do you understand by the doctrine of ‘separation of powers`? Discuss how ‘separation of powers` has been adopted in the Australian constitution. Critically analyse the importance of separation of powers to protect the interest of people from the rulers.

Question 2:

Describe at least three features of the Australian Constitution except the separation of power. Do you think that the Australian Constitution is missing any provision that a modern constitution generally includes? If yes, make a critical assessment of the Australian constitution.

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