What does it mean, and how does it accrue or convey meaning?

Assignment 1

This is a short assignment designed to provide a close textual analysis of a cultural artifact of your own choice, taken from the period of the 1960s. It requires close looking, careful critical analysis, and the ability to draw out larger interpretation and conclusions.

Choose a cultural artifact. This might be a photograph, work of art, poster, postcard, album cover, song, fashion outfit, television episode or scene, example of design or craft, book cover or alternative publication, etc.

Write an analysis of your chosen example, focusing on the following questions:

What is it (think about when, how, for whom, and why it was made)?

What does it mean, and how does it accrue or convey meaning?

What might it tell us about the sixties (or a particular aspect of the sixties)?
Provide a list of five sources that you would use to research a longer essay on this topic. These must be relevant and useful. Don’t just list the first things you find on Google. This list of sources is not included in the word count.

This is a short text rather than an academic essay (it”s the sort of thing you might write for a museum website), so you do not need to reference secondary sources in your account. It will be important to paraphrase those sources, rather than to directly reproduce their words verbatim.

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