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Oct 24, 2023

Technology can enhance our teaching and learning but technology can also serve as an obstacle. What does it mean that technology can be an obstacle? Have you ever found yourself focused more on learning how to use the technology than on what it is supposed to be helping with? If so, that is a great example of how it can be an obstacle. For our discussion this week, please select one of the following:

1. Research two different tools that are purported to assist with teaching. This could be a tool such as Prezi or PowerPoint or something like PollEverywhere or MenitMeter. Assess the two tools you found as to their strengths and weaknesses in teaching.

2. Reflect on some old school technologies that assist with teaching. This could be something as simple as a chalkboard or maps. Find a resource that supports the continuation of these old school tools. Discuss how the teacher can use these tools in modern educational settings.

3. What about this week`s content did you find to be most relevant to your own professional or academic career?

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