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Oct 31, 2023

Homework: Adolescent Psychology


The purpose of this paper is to apply the course content of this module to your own life. Information can be better internalized and learned more fully when the content is found to be meaningful to the learner. Therefore, you will explore the theories covered this module by reflecting on your past personal experiences as an adolescent.


Your paper will focus on the topic of Identity and Self Development in adolescence (see course reading Cote, 2009), and will require you to apply various theories and research findings of your choice to your personal experiences when you were navigating adolescence. Your paper needs to use and cite 3 sources:

A. The module reading by Cote (2009)

B. An outside scholarly source not included in module readings (academic books or peer-reviewed articles only) that has been published within the last seven years

C. At least one Biblical scripture reference

Be sure that your paper demonstrates critical thinking and integration of course content. It should not be simply a collection of personal stories. Although the specific content of your papers will vary depending on your experiences, below is a list of some questions you may wish to consider when you are completing your reflection:

Question A. Did you progress through the various stages of identity development as theorized by Marcia (see module presentation and Côté, 2009, p. 272)? What stages were you in as you began/ended adolescence?

Question B. Do you feel your experiences were typical of most other adolescents? Why or why not?

Question C. What environmental factors might have contributed to or altered the trajectory of your identity or self development in adolescence (e.g., family, peer, school influences)?

Question D. How do findings related to positive or negative outcomes apply to your experiences?

Question E. How do findings regarding any age/gender/ethnicity differences reflect your experiences?

Question F. What were some of your experiences with self-esteem/self-concept during adolescence, and how well does this align with research?

Question G. How well do the major research findings/theories apply to your personal experiences? Do your experiences fit with what research suggests? What are the specific ways your experiences match or diverge from certain findings?

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