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May 12, 2023
First, watch these videos:
The Four Horsemen (video documentary, 2016, 1 hour 38 minutes long, captioned)
How to Make the World a Better Place by 2030 (TedTalk video, 2015, 14 minutes, captioned)
Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable Ted Talk 2018 by Luvvie Ajayi Jones
As we enter the final weeks of the course, we will be focusing on solutions to social welfare challenges in the U.S. How do we implement evidence-informed and evidence-based interventions to combat poverty, racism, sexism, and bias? How can we increase access to services including health and mental healthcare, education, housing and job opportunities? Do we consider the intersection of environmental degradation and social welfare policy? What role do we play in creating a better society?


For this final discussion, in addition to watching the assigned videos, research and become more deeply knowledgeable about a topic of Social Welfare that is of particular interest to you, but one that also ties into the videos. Please remember that your textbook is only one source of information – there are fountains of credible and scholarly information that you should explore and become familiar with to help you critically analyze information and form an opinion that you can defend about social welfare topics. Reading multiple sources from the Internet, library holdings, outside expert interviews and articles will provide you with different perspectives so that you can form your own voice.

The article you share with the class must be:
Current, within the last 12 months
A high-quality resource – this can be an article from the ESC Library from a scholarly journal research finding from a professional in the field of social welfare, or a well-researched article from “The Atlantic” or even “The New Yorker”, but no short articles from Newsday or People Magazine. Other credible resources include The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, etc.
A unique resource – choose a resource no other classmate has posted
Forward-looking and solution-oriented
Please answer the following questions:
Identify and discuss the solutions outlined in the three videos you watched. Integrate those concepts into the article you chose.
Explain why you choose to research this topic (why is it important) and whether it solidified or changes your understanding, opinion, etc. of the issue. Did anything about the article you chose surprise you? If so, what? If not, why?
Based on your article and synthesis of the course, how can we make the U.S.’s well-being and economic stability better and stronger?
What have we learned from our history that can help us move forward in a different way?
Taking into consideration the topic of the article you chose and watching Luvvie Jones video, can you think of ways you could go outside of your comfort zone and be “the domino?”
Please post using this format:
Name of Resource along with the link to access
Date of Resource

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