What impact does the business world have on other aspects of the world?

Length: Maximum 1000 words (4 double spaced pages).


Using your experiences and the discussion and frameworks presented in class, please prepare a short paper in which you describe:

basic assumptions about the business world and how it works
basic assumptions about human nature and people.
connections between these and your perspective on business enterprise

Your paper should critically reflect on both your assumptions and how these assumptions affect your behaviour and experiences in the working world. Please ensure that your paper critically reflects on both assumptions and the link to action.

Purpose: A key premise of this course is that theoretical understanding acts as a foundation to the applied action. As a starting point to this process, this assignment asks you to describe your worldview as it pertains to human nature and the business world, and to explore the connections between these aspects of your worldview and business theory/topics as discussed in the class.

Some questions to get you started:

Human Nature: What are people like? What makes them tick? What do we all want out of life? What does this mean for the way we work? Where do your ideas here come from?

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