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May 12, 2023


What is a leader’s vision, and why is it important?

In 25 words or less, write your vision statement, articulating your leadership goal based on what you learned about leadership in the past
few weeks.

Part 2

List and describe your 5 top leadership goals.

Explain how they contribute to your vision statement.

Part 3

Describe your action plan for leadership, and explain how you will reach your goals.

Use 1 real-world situation from your past, and identify how changing 1 thing about your leadership style may have led to a different outcome.

Explain other ways in which you will work on your leadership

include a creative visual time line, including milestones, that depicts how you will accomplish your goals.

Part 4

What are the 2 most important values of leadership: ethics and integrity.

How will you maintain high standards of integrity as a leader?

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