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Sep 02, 2023

QuesƟon 1:
What is a Pressure ulcer & how to provide care for a client at risk of developing a pressure
What are pressure ulcers?
Caring for someone at risk of a Pressure ulcer/ sore or Bed sore – also known as)

  • Who is at risk of getting a pressure ulcer/ bed sore?
  • Parts of the body are more at risk of developing a pressure sore
  • How to treat pressure ulcers/sores.
    Question 2: Discuss a client and their needs and carry out an activity -Assisting with
    a meal.
    Task – Assisting with breakfast.
    The importance and the reason why we start our day with breakfast.
    Items required:
    Carrying out the Task

    Question 3: Correct charting procedure. Approximately 500-1000 words
    Care Plans
    What is included in a care plan.
    Why are care plans important?

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