What is Ibsen trying to say about society in this play?

A Doll’s House, Henrik Ibsen **Using the book Literature, a portable anthology, fifth edition, Gardner.

Review the discussion questions and choose ONE that you would like to make a well developed paragraph to post in this week’s discussion board. Practice good paragraph formation: have a lead in hook, have a clear topic sentence, include at least 3 support details (with or without quotes from the text), and a thorough concluding thought. Paragraphs should stick to one topic, have complete support, be coherent (have good transition signal words like “In addition to that” or “However”), and have an order that makes sense. Your paragraphs should have at least 10 full sentences. Here are the questions:

1. Identify at least two characters who have moral dilemmas besides Nora. What are those dilemmas and how can we interpret the significance of those choices and what Ibsen is trying to express in the play?

2. Compare and contrast the two couple relationships (Nora/Helmer and Krogstad/Kristine). What is significant about these two pairings and how do they express the playwright’s ideas?

3. What is Ibsen trying to say about society in this play? You may use any element of drama to explore this question. OR

4. Throughout the play, Ibsen uses “double entendre” where the words that point to a real thing actually symbolize a secondary meaning. Find at least two of these instances and discuss how they point to the themes in the play.

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