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Oct 25, 2021
  • What is your personal experience with research? What is your personal experience with evidence based practice?
    • Briefly summarize the expectations of a BSN prepared nurse as it relates to research according to:
  • How do you distinguish between evidence based practice and research utilization? Or do you see them as the same?
  • Are quality improvement projects the same as research?
  • Why do we as nurses struggle to understand the difference between evidence-based practice and nursing research?
  • What is your understanding of the differences between primary research and evidence based practice?
  • How are the two terms related?
  • Go to:

Identify your impression of the site and an area of new learning. Discuss how this site could possibly impact professional nursing practice. Would you recommend this site to other professional nurses?

  • Identify something you have implemented in nursing practice and asked Is there a better way?
  • How would you go about answering your question given that you had time to do so?
  • Your response should consist of complete sentences and should be at least one complete paragraph, but it should be no more than four paragraphs in length.
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