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Oct 26, 2023


1. What is a suspicious activity?

2. Outline what is a security culture.

3 .Differentiate between piracy and maritime terrorism and state how the acts can be connected.

4. Name 2 objects that are considered for maritime terrorism.

5. List a convention and its condition that can enable piracy.

6. Briefly explain how penalties may encourage criminality.

7. Briefly elaborate on what predictive profiling seek to assess.

8. Explain what is meant by Maritime Security?

9. Outline at least three ways a maritime incident can impact global trade.

10. Outline how threats such as, stowaways, illegal immigrants and Refugees maybe connected and how these threats can affect a shipping line and ultimately an economy.

11. State 4 main threats that are facing the maritime industry today and the motivational stimulus that derives each threat.

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