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Oct 17, 2023

Assignment: Subnetting Project

In this lab scenario, you are the network administrator forthe new startup MMORPG developer, Rowdy Gamerz. The organization has obtained the block of public IPv4 network addresses represented by 224.151..0/24, where the third octet is equal to the last two digits of your myUTSA ID (abc123). For example, if your myUTSA ID is xyz574, then the third octet for your assignment is 74, so you have the block of network addresses

Write down your assigned network address: 224.151. .0/24

Turn-in Requirements: To complete the assignment, upload a Word (.docx) or Adobe (.pdf) file with answers to thequestions below as your submission to the M06 Lab assignment in Blackboard.

Question I. What is your assigned network address?

Question II. What is the subnet mask (dotted decimal form) for this network?

Question III. What is the broadcast address for this network?

Question IV. How many addressable hosts are available for this network?

Question V. List the reasons subnetting is a good network design practice?

Following good network design practices, you decide to segment this network into 4 equal subnets, to be used or shared among the different Rowdy Gamerz departments: Software Development, Technical Support, Marketing/Sales, and Management & Human Resources.

Question VI. To create 4 subnets, you must borrow how many bits from the host portion of the network?

Question VII. What is the subnet mask (dotted decimal form) for these new subnets?

Question VIII. Write the network addresses, using CIDR notation, of the four subnets.


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