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Apr 25, 2023
  1. TOPIC :What is the effect of drug legalization on crime rates?



    Every research project, at some point, began as an observation about the social world, a pattern or phenomenon or circumstance, that then led to a question. Those questions can ask “How?”, “Why?”, “How often?, “Where,” in any combination, about an infinite number of topics.

    This component of your research proposal requires you undertake the deceptively challenging task of asking a clear research question on a topic of your choice, and explaining why it’s an important question.
    This requires you to concisely explain to a reader:
    a) some social phenomenon or problem,
    b) some sense of what we know about the problem already,
    c) a clear and precise statement of your research question / goal that addresses something we don’t know about the phenomenon or problem.
    To accomplish this, you must:

    include a minimum of 1 peer-reviewed source…
    cited in APA format…
    both in-text and in a bibliography…

    to establish that your problem or phenomenon exists in the world, some sense of what we know about it, and what your research question/goal is.

    This assignment is short. Fewer, carefully chosen words trump inefficient, wordy writing.

    This assignment should not be longer than 500 words, including your bibliography.

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