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May 20, 2023
What is the Electoral College? How does it work? Why was it created?
What is one reason the electoral college is argued to be a problem for our democracy? What is one reason it is argued to be good for our democracy? (Hint: see the page devoted to the topic).
What do we mean when we say we have the “right to vote”? What are the requirements to exercise that right in the United States? (Hint: see your textbook). Identify one way the government has protected this right over the years (Hint: I promise this is found in your textbook!).
What are some methods for registering to vote? What are some limitations/restrictions on citizens completing that registration? (Hint: it varies according to state)
How do voters make decisions? What are some key factors which influence the way that they vote? Of those factors, to which doesstraight-ticket voting refer?

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