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May 11, 2023
  1. Directions: Please respond to this three-part essay and kindly label your answers [ (a), (b), and (c)]. Length: 2 pages.


    In “Stillness Speaks,” (CANVAS-Week 10, pg. 99), the author writes:

    Thought reduces nature to a commodity to be used in the pursuit of profit or knowledge or some other utilitarian purpose. The ancient forest becomes timber, the bird a research project, the mountain something to be mined or conquered.

    (a) Briefly discuss how the above passage reflects either the modern OR ancient theory of nature. (Hint: ‘Nature’ Power Point; CANVAS- Week 10) [3]

    (b) Using Old vs. New Professionalism (CANVAS: Weeks 1-4) as a guide, while specifically citing the metrics of KNOWLEDGE and VALUES, explain how said metrics are responsible for “feeding” this consumerist mindset. [6]

    (c) Refer to the Lao Tzu and Wu-Wei You-Tube video (CANVAS- Week 11). What is the esoteric (i.e., subtle, hidden, spiritual) meaning of wu-wei and how might embodying the virtues of water (specify at least two virtues) contribute to a restoration of Mother Earth?

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