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May 23, 2023

For this assignment we will be creating two documents: an MLA Style template and a one-page paper using that template that addresses this prompt:
What is the most important thing an author should know to write a high-quality academic research paper?
For the first part of this assignment, you need to create a document on your word processor that can act as an MLA template for every paper you have to write in this course. The template will have the header, your name, “professor’s name,” date, and course in the proper place on the page. Be sure you put in a blank title and an empty “Works Cited” page for your template as well. The key to this assignment is simply making certain you know what pieces an MLA formatted paper needs to have and where they go.
For the second part of this assignment, please write a 300-500-word response to the question prompt above in the MLA template that you created. Be sure to carefully consider your answer.

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