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Oct 14, 2023

Discussion Post: Nature Vs Nurture

What is the "nature" vs. "nurture" debate? Apply this debate to a famous person. Do you think nature influenced them more, or nurture? In what ways? Choose a famous or infamous figure (it could be Barack Obama, the Unabomber, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Jack Kevorkian, Gandhi, Oprah, Donald Trump - anybody where you can find good biographies of their life online that talks about their early childhood), and using information from their biographies, discuss whether you feel their family and environment played a role in who they became. Do you think genetics/heredity played a role? (If it is someone who is a basketball player, you may discuss how genetic height influenced their fame). Respond to two other students` posts either agreeing or disagreeing with their ideas and why you agree or disagree.

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