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May 20, 2023
Argumentative essay including; an introduction with stating position/main claim as well as what follows next; two body paragraphs balanced in length; conclusion with a summary and call for action. You can use the following references: Kumar M. A. (2017, Nov 4). Discrimination of women in law enforcement. International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT). 5(4), pp. 984-989. R. R., Bagavandas M. (2020, Jan 22). Gender discrimination as determinants of stress in police profession. Journal of Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation. 13(3). [Ted Talks]. (2019, Sep 9). How policewomen make communities safer| Ivonne Roman |. YouTube.


You can use this interview as well: What is the percentage of women police officers in the police station where you work?-The percentage of policewomen in the police station where I work is around 25%.2. Has the number of policewomen increased in the past few years?-Yes, the percentage of policewomen in the police station where I work is continually increasing.3. When it comes to duties, do women get as many duties as male officers do?-Yes, there is no discrimination in the number of duties, however, special attention is paid to duties which require special physical requirements.4. How is maternity leave treated in the police station?-Maternity leave is the same as in other firms and organizations. 9 months of maternity leave are given if the employee gave birth to one child, or 12 months if the employee gave birth to 2 or more children at the same time.5. Is there a chance for promotion regarding policewomen?-The possibilities for promotion are the same for both policemen and policewomen, meaning, promotion is not based on sex but on the personal abilities of each employee.6. Has there been a case in the police station when women were treated unequally?-Yes, however, that is done for the sake of their safety. This means that there are certain duties where the employees are exposed to high risk in terms of their safety or the safety of their colleagues. This is why policewomen are not chosen for such assignments.7. Is the criterion for enrollment the same for male and female police officers?-Criteria are the same for everyone. There is only a difference in the scales which evaluate physical abilities, which are adjusted to women’s physical body construction.8. How is the issue of policewomen discrimination treated in the police station?-In order to prevent discrimination, there are various activities in the police department, mainly campaigns for raising awareness concerning the topic, such as lectures, seminars, and presentations. They are intended for all employees, no matter their sex or work position.9. Are there any training courses for the improvement of women’s place in the police department?-Yes, as mentioned before, there are number of training courses, seminars and other kinds of activities whose aim is improving the work position of policewomen.10. In your opinion, what are the benefits of having women in policing?-Having women in policing really does have a benefit, especially when the task requires dealing with women or children who are victims of certain crimes. Additionally, the police law itself imposes certain situations in which police measures and powers towards a woman should be undertaken by a female police officer (arrest, examination, search, and, similar powers where there is physical contact with the person herself).


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