What is the pharmacologic classification of each of the drugs used?

Zack is a 12-year old boy who had been in good health with no significant medical history until 6 months ago. At that time he began to experience episodic migraine-like headaches, and with a paternal family history of migraines, Zack was evaluated for possible antimigraine therapy if the headaches continued.

After 3 months of increasing severity of the headaches, he was diagnosed by CT scan with a brain tumor. Zack underwent craniotomy for evacuation of a malignant tumor and began chemotherapy 1 month after surgery, prior to planned radiation therapy treatments. He has completed one cycle of chemotherapy over 2 months and will have a second cycle prior to radiation. He visits the oncology clinic today for evaluation prior to his second round of chemotherapy.

Physical examination on this clinic visit reveals a pleasant young boy in no obvious distress. Zack weighs 43.6 kg (96 lbs) and is 157.5 cm (62 in) in height. BP 92/40 mmHg, pulse rate is 92 beats/min, respirations of 24 breaths/min, and temperature of 37.1 C (98.8 F). Zack denies having any pain and his neurologic examination is unremarkable except for diminished patellar deep tendon reflexes (DTRs), graded at 1 (decreased but present; normal of 2).

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