What is the practice setting (your place of work) that is the focus of the gap analysis?

Literature Review (10pgs/3000 words) & Gap Analysis (3pgs/900 words)
Literature Review: Complete a concise review of a minimum of fifteen peer-reviewed empirical articles, published within the last 10 years, that focuses on the intervention/social work practice discussed in your research question from Assessment #1. Each of the 15 articles selected must describe the research process and outcomes of an individual study (i.e. design, methods, findings, etc.). At minimum, you should include five quantitative, five qualitative and five additional empirical articles that describe either a qualitative, quantitative or mixed-method study. You will indicate which articles utilize qualitative methods, quantitative methods, and/or mixed methods and synthesize what the literature tells you about the intervention/social work practice. In addition to the empirical articles, students are welcome to use gray literature from credible sources (i.e. government websites, evidence-based clearinghouse websites, etc., but not blogs, wiki sites, nor individual opinion sites). Please exclude practice or teaching case studies. Please also refrain from using first-person and including personal opinions in your literature review section, and from creating a series of annotated bibliographies of the articles. The literature review must include the following:
1. an introduction that includes the research question from Assessment #1 2. a synthesis of the body of knowledge on the intervention/practice that:
a. very briefly describes the study details (i.e. design, sample, methods, findings, etc.) and how the studies relate to each other (i.e. similarities or differences in approach, findings, etc.)
b. provides a critical analysis of the studies examined, based on best practices in research, that includes a discussion about the strengths and limitations of the research (consider research methods, specific principles of DEIPAR, etc.)
3. a concise conclusion to the literature review that highlights what we know from the research examined and what we don’t know (i.e. identify the remaining gaps in the body of knowledge around the intervention/practice)
Practice Gap Analysis: Compare what you learned from the review of the literature to the reality of how things are being done at your place of work by answering the following six questions. Remember to cite any external resources used to inform this analysis (i.e. agency reports, community statistics, etc.).

1. What is the practice setting (your place of work) that is the focus of the gap analysis?

2. Who are the major stakeholders and beneficiaries of the intervention/practice and are the intended beneficiaries being served/benefiting from the intervention/practice?

3. Is the social work practice or intervention you selected being utilized and implemented correctly and with fidelity?

4. Is the intervention/practice being used for the correct population? Has the intervention/practice been used with this population before and if not, have any cultural adaptations been explored?

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