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Oct 19, 2023

Discussion Post: Strategy Plan


Let`s dive right in and start by actually looking at a few strategic plans.

Step A: Find and read three plans

Start by finding three strategic plans from public (government) or non-profit organizations. One should ideally be from where you currently work (if you work for govt or non-profit), or an agency where you`d like to work in the future. Choose organizations that are truly of interest to you.

Step B: Analyze & Post Your Answers

I. What three plans did you review? (describe briefly)

II. What common elements did you find in most of the plans, such as visions, goals, etc? (briefly). (tip: Worksheet 39 on p. 162 may help you think through common elements).

III. Based on what you found in the three plans, what is the purpose of strategic planning?

IV. How does it relate to the readings/viewings?

Textbook: Bryson, J.M. & Alston, F.K. (2011). Creating your strategic plan. (3rd ed.).San Francisco: Jossey Bass. (Workbook) ISBN: 978-0-470-40535-2.

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