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May 15, 2023’s_Utopian_Project_The_Innovative_Potential_of_Fiction_and_Speculation_by_Non-Architects

Only use the three sources above

What is the relationship of nature and the built environment in Black Panther? What is the commentary on environmentalism? On history? Tradition? Responsible leaders? Responsible cities? Smart cities? What does Wakanda say about future eco-cities in our lived world? About transportation? (And streets free of transportation?)

7 pages, double-spaced, 12-pt font, 1” margins. In Word Format.

a) develop a sophisticated argument that is substantive, specific, and contestable;
b) support your argument through a close, insightful analysis
c) write in a manner that is well organized, clear, and correct.
d) frame your argument in relation to the reading above

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