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Jun 06, 2023
My dissertation is a Narrative Study associated with the qualitative method by conducting interviews and surveys, below
is the instructions along with the problem, purpose and research questions. Please revise if needed to ensure it aligns with
the narrative study topic and resesarch questions. For the Population and Sample, no more than a quantity of 8.


For this assignment, you will submit a copy of your Chapter 1 dissertation draft for Chair and URM review.
Submit a current draft of your dissertation Chapter 1 to share with your Dissertation Chair and URM. Chapter 1 should be
formatted based on the the Dissertation Criteria Assessment (DCA).

Attached is the Dissertation Criteria Assessment (DCA), the Dissertatation Template and the Narrative Inquiry “Study” in which chapter 1 should be formatted and based on.

Research Topic: How has Police Brutality against African Americans become a Public Health Issue?

Problem Statement: The problem of this narrative study is how police brutality targeting African Americans has grown into a public health issue in the U.S and beyond. When law enforcement officers resort to using excessive force when arresting crime suspects who are African American, they are not only violating the suspects’ natural rights but also causing some
effects on the public health industry. The brutal actions by police officers have impacts since they result in physical injuries and psychological trauma, negatively affecting the health of those directly involved in communities (Young-Drake et al.,
2021). The impacts of police brutality can be managed by developing the best policies and preventive measures and
encouraging social change. There is a need to gain significant understanding of the association between police brutality
and the element of public health. Such a measure will necessitate direct engagement with the people who have undergone brutality at the hands of law enforcement officers and get to hear from their side what kind of encounters they have gone
through and how they affected their health, what triggered the officers to use excessive force and the long-term
implications of their actions.

Purpose Statement: The main purpose of the proposed narrative study is to gain the necessary knowledge on how police
brutality towards African Americans in the U.S has become a public health issue in

Research Questions:
What is the tendency of victims of police brutality, especially African Americans, to remember their encounters over a given period, and what is the influence of their stories on coping techniques?
What societal factors exacerbate the issue of police brutality towards African Americans becoming a public health issue?
What are strategies that have been implemented by the healthcare system to provide quality care to African Americans impacted by police brutality and also inspire victims to be resilient?

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