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Jun 08, 2023

Answer exactly TWO of the following questions. Write these essays before you start the online exam. Remember: thisis the take-home portion of the exam. Each essay should be as close to 300 words as possible. You must do a word count.Before starting the online exam, ensure that you have your two completed essays ready. You will then paste your answersinto the appropriate sections of the online exam.Note: If you choose to write on Skepticism About Morality, you may write on only one of the twochoices in that section.


-Chapter 3: Skepticism About Morality•
1. What is the thesis of psychological egoism? What is the Argument from Psychological Egoism? What is the Ar-gument from Our Strongest Desires, and how is that argument supposed to support the thesis of psychological egoism? Identify one objection to the Argument from Our Strongest Desires, and one objection to the Argument-from Psychological Egoism.•
2. What is ethical relativism? Discuss three problems for ethical relativism.

Chapter 4: The Good Life•
1. What is hedonism? What is the Argument from False Happiness? What is the hedonist reply to the Argument from False Happiness, and how does the thought experiment known as the “Experience Machine” support the Argumentfrom False Happiness against the hedonist?

Chapter 5: Consequentialism•
1. What is act utilitarianism?
What is the principle of utility? Discuss one attraction of utilitarianism, and one objectionto utilitarianism.

Chapter 6: Kantian Ethics•
1. What is Kant’s Principle of Humanity? State the principle clearly and define any key terms. Discuss one benefit ofthe Principle of Humanity, and one problem for the Principle of Humanity.

Chapter 10: Virtue Ethics•
1. What is virtue ethics and how does the approach of virtue ethics differ from that of the other moral theories welooked at before we studied virtue ethics? State the formal standard of right action (VE) according to virtue ethics.What is the nature of virtue? Provide one example of a virtue, and explain breifly how the nature of virtue relates toperceptions, thoughts, and motives. Briefly discuss one criticism of virtue ethics.

Chapter 11: Feminist Ethics and the Ethics of Care•
1. Discuss the four elements of feminist ethics, and what you see as the two strongest challenges for feminist ethics.

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